Dreamy Mount Pajama is a location that appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. It is the dream world version of Mount Pajamaja.


Trying to avoid the Dreambeats caused by Antasma and Bowser, Mario and Prince Dreambert escape into Dreamy Mount Pajamaja to avoid the music. However, the Dreambeats were so effective that it puts Luigi into a deep sleep causing the dream portal to close. That leaves no other options but to find a way to open the dream portal to escape the dream world. Followed by Dreamy Luigi, Mario eventually comes up with an idea to purposely cause an eruption and Prince Dreambert concludes that the shock will help reopen the dream portal. They all reach the summit where they wake up the mountain itself. Dreamy Luigi forces to grow giant once more and defeats the boss. Fortunately, the battle causes the dream portal to reopen and Mario and Prince Dreambert head through it leaving Dreamy Mount Pajamaja.

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