Dreamy Brickle is a character that appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. He is the dream world version of Boss Brickle and is found at Dreamy Mushrise Park.


Dreamy Brickle is first seen right after Mario and Dreamy Luigi arrive at Dreamy Mushrise Park. Dreamy Brickle then says that he has never met Mario before and then spots a rabbit with the Nightmare Chunk. However, Dreamy Brickle is only focused on how cute the rabbit is and how he wants to make it his Dreamy Mushrise Park mascot. However, Mario and Dreamy Luigi need that piece to speak with Eldream and Dreamy Brickle then challenges them to see who catches the rabbit first. Dreamy Brickle eventually agrees to a truce where he and Mario and Dreamy Luigi to team up and catch the rabbit. Mario and Dreamy Luigi help him up to a higher platform and he awards them with an Attack Piece. He then speaks about Luiginary Attacks and then leaves to get the rabbit all for himself. However, he is soon stopped by three Dreamcap Captains but then gives Mario and Dreamy Luigi the tenth and final Attack Piece for Dreamy Mushrise Park and can now learn the first Luiginary Attack: Luiginary Ball. Mario and Dreamy Luigi use this new move to defeat the Dreamcap Captain squad and activate the pump. Dreamy Brickle is eventually seen again wearing a carrot suit but Dreamy Luigi tells him that the rabbit got away. Dreamy Brickle then leaves himself.

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