Dreamcap Captains are enemies that appear in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. They are many fought in Dreamy Mushrise Park and are always seen in battle with Dreamcaps and, sometimes, other Dreamcap Captains.


Dreamcap Captains are small, purple enemies with eyes.



In battle, the Dreamcap Captains usually attack by:

  • Forward Charge: The Dreamcap Captain will order the other Dreamcaps to forward charge at Mario. Mario must hammer them at the right moment to avoid damage.
  • Background Charge: The Dreamcap Captains will order the other Dreamcaps to charge at Mario from the background. Mario must simply jump over them and, if his timing is correct, will land on the Dreamcap Captains or Dreamcaps and damage them.


Dreamcap Captains aren't hard to defeat. One thing that should be pointed out that if all of the Dreamcap Captains are defeated, the Dreamcaps will get scared and will run away on the next turn. Though this is a good tactic not to get damage, the amount of experience earned will be pretty low. So, it will be wise to use Luiginary Attacks such as the Luiginary Ball to take out all of them at the same time.