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"Okay, I'll be happy to... NOT TELL YOU!!''"
― Dream Stone's spirit

Dream Stone's spirit is a minor character in the game Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. He makes his home in Dozing Sands's dreamy version, specifically at the dreampoint that can be accessed after the Torkscrew is defeated. The Mario brothers seek him out to ask him where the Dream Stone is.


Physical description

The Dream Stone’s spirit is a genderless hue-colored spirit. It has two eyes but no mouth. However, it is able to speak.

Personality traits

The Dream Stone’s spirit is a smart-alack spirit. He and Prince Dreambert does not like each other at first. After the battle, he was impressed with Luigi and told him his secret. His promise is to have Luigi fight him again, due to his excitement.


Prince Dreambert, and Mario and Luigi found the Dream Stone's spirit sleeping in the Dream World. They disturbed him out of curiousity for the Dream Stone's location. It disappointed them that it refuses to tell them. But it told them the Dream Stone is in the real world; he feels cranky and drowsy. He wants to sleep but does not want to help them. Mario and Luigi stepped forward while the Dream Stone's spirit stepped too; it was still refusing to not tell them and moved further away from them.

The next time they meet, it refers Mario and Luigi as "Uncle Mustache" and "El Beardo". It asks Mario and Luigi that they have something to do because it is tired. Mario tells the Dream Stone’s spirit that it is an emergency, it does not tell them and it moves away from the brothers.

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The Luiginary Stack and Mario woke Dream Stone’s spirit, it tells them where it is, but it lies ("It's in Shaddupville!" Shaddupville does not exist.). It says it will not tell where it is; Prince Dreambert was angry and voiced his anger with a loud "Insolence!" while flaring up. The spirit teases him and moves further away from them. Prince Dreambert orders Mario and Luigi to make the spirit speak.

They annoy the spirit again. Furious Dream Stone’s spirit does not accept apologies and transforms into a Robo-Drilldigger. It makes it the first giant boss in the game.

After it lost the battle, it was impressed with Luigi. He decides to talk to Luigi. It tells him the Dream Stone is in Mount Pajamaja; it describes it as a mountain with "clouds", "rocks and cliffs". Prince Dreambert listens to their conversation and the spirit scolds him. Prince Dreambert tells Mario that the Dream Stone is in Mount Pajamaja. It is looking forward to fight against Mario next time. After his conversation, the Dream Stone's spirit cannot be contacted.

Since the real Dream Stone was destroyed, the Dream Stone's spirit's fate is unknown.

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