The Dreadnought is a giant battleship that is visited in Super Mario Galaxy. It resides in and lends its name to the Dreadnought Galaxy, like the Battlerock with the Battlerock Galaxy. It is rather large, about 2 miles long. It bears a resemblance to the Rocket Ship in Super Mario Galaxy 2's Space Storm Galaxy.


The Dreadnought functions as the main planet of the Dreadnought Galaxy. It is visited in every mission, though the Ammunition Depot is not directly connected to the main planet.

Gravity Corridor

Inside the Dreadnought's interior is the Gravity Corridor. Unlike that of the Battlerock, it has only one gravity direction, though you can change that direction by switching the Gravity Arrows.


  • Mission 1: Infiltrating the Dreadnought
  • Purple Comet Mission: The Battlestation's Purple Coins (Entrance only)


This tower collapses as Mario climbs up its wall because it is so unstable. The very top is stable and may be connected to one of the Dreadnought's spikes. It contains a Launch Star which Mario can reach if he uses his wall jump to climb the moving wall.


  • Mission 1: Infiltrating the Dreadnought

Cannon Fleet Path

This area contains many cannons and is similar to the Battlerock's Cannon Fleet Path in the Battlerock Galaxy.


  • Mission 2: The Dreadnought's Colossal Cannons.
  • Purple Comet Mission: The Battlestation's Purple Coins (as the starting area)

Artillery Walls Area

Two walls that face each other make this. Mario must use the Pull Star chain to make his way past their cannon barrage, and one shot may not only damage him, but also force him to start the trek through the area over. Mario starts his trek through the area on a small football-shaped planet.


  • Mission 3: The Revenge of the Topman Tribe
  • Speedy Comet Mission: Topman Tribe Speed Run

Ammunition Depot

This area is the Dreadnought's Ammunition Depot, as the Gearmo points out when spoken to about his dilemma about people dumping trash on him in the area. It slightly resembles the Crate Burning Planet featured in Super Mario Galaxy 2's Rightside Down and Upside Dizzy Galaxies.


  • Mission Secret: Dreadnought's Garbage Dump...


  • With the exception of at the Gravity Corridor area, the Dreadnought's theme is the battle-oriented version of the Space Fantasy theme, just like with the Battlerock. At the Gravity Corridor area's entrance, the normal, peaceful Space Fantasy theme plays, and inside the corridor's interior, the Space Athletic theme plays.
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