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Dragoneels are enemies that first appeared in the game New Super Mario Bros. U, a launch title for the Wii U. They have large jaws and live in water, like Cheep Cheeps


New Super Mario Bros. U/Deluxe

Dragoneels debut in the Sparkling Waters world. The level they appear in is Dragoneel's Undersea Grotto. The only way to defeat it is with a Star as players with the Fire Flower will only slow it down. Dragoneels reappear in the remake.

Purple Dragon Eels also make an appearance. They are purple colored and are shorter than their long adult counterparts.

New Super Luigi U

Dragoneels, like in New Super Mario Bros. U, only appear in one level. This time, being Dragoneel Depths. Since New Super Luigi U is a harder game for more advanced players, two Dragoneels chase Luigi instead of one.

Mario Party 10

Dragoneels appeared in Mario Party 10 predominantly at Whimsical Waters during events.

Super Mario Party

Dragoneels reappeared in Super Mario Party in two minigames. In Rumble Fishing, Dragoneels have different lengths, the player who caught the longest Dragoneel wins the minigame. During Challenge Road, a Dragoneel must be caught in 5 or 3 seconds. In Rattle and Hmmm, they are in the enemy set with the Cheep Chomp and Torpedo Ted. Among them, it has the longest lasting rumble.


Dragon comes from drakōn, a Greek word, via Latin and Old French; the enemy resembles a serpent and its face is a shape of a dragon. "Dragoneel" is a fusion of dragon and eel.

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