Dragon Wario is a form of Wario that appears in Wario: Master of Disguise. This form can be used after Wario gets the Dragon Guise Gem from Sneezemore Cave. To use Dragon Wario, the player must draw a tail (<) to the left of Wario.


Wario as Dragon Wario wears a dinosaur-like disguise that is green in color.

Powers and Abilities

Dragon Wario, being one of Wario's toughest forms, is able to breathe fire. This fire breath is very effective for taking down groups of enemies from a distance. These red flames are also able to burn down red blocks blocking Wario's path. Due to the size of this disguise, Dragon Wario is also able to fall through thin platforms allowing him to access new areas. After getting the Dragon Mastery Gem, Dragon Wario is able to breathe blue fire allowing him destroy the tougher blue blocks.

However, being Wario's biggest and heaviest form, Dragon Wario is very slow and cannot jump very high. This makes him the least effective combat wise but is still an otherwise powerful form.

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