The Dragohoho is a dragon in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. He is the third boss to be fought, located in Hoohoo Mountain. His true identity is Prince Peasley, as seen after the boss is defeated.


Prince Peasley was transformed into the Dragohoho by Cackletta and Fawful and sealed in an egg at the summit of Hoohoo Mountain. The egg was discovered by Blablanadon who sat on the egg until it hatched when Mario and Luigi found a Hoohoo Block next to the egg. The Dragohoho's roar knocked the Hoohoo Block off the mountain, and into the house of the Hammerhead Bros.. It attacked Blablanadon, and then fought the Mario Bros. After its defeat, it turned back into Prince Peasley.


The Dragohoho will breathe fiery rocks at the Mario Bros., who must jump. If he tilts his head up, he attacks Mario. Otherwise, he attacks Luigi. After taking a lot of damage, he will spit up a large Hoohoo Stone, which he stands on while attacking, making his attacks harder to dodge. He has 80 hit points, POW 24, DEF 30, and SPD 25.


The Dragohoho has two sizes: normal and small. Using Jumps or Special Attacks that land on his head will turn him into his small form. When he stands on the Hoohoo Stone, he will be short, but his Stone raises him to the height of his normal size. Destroy the Hoohoo Stone to make dodging Dragohoho's attacks easier.


The Dragohoho earned his name from the Latin Dracō (Dragon) and one of the Laughing Onomatopoeias. In Japanese, it is Ohohoragon (from Hoho (laughing Onomatopoeia) and Doragon (dragon)). In Spanish, it is Dragón Hohó (Hoho Dragon). It is Rigodraco (from Rigoler (to laugh) and Dracō (Latin for Dragon)). The Dragohoho's German name is Maxi-Rex (Big rex, from Latin Magnus Regis (big king)). The character's Italian name is Dragoo H, from Latin Drago and the -oo H is meant to be a pun on Hoo (laughing) spelt backward. The Chinese version refers to the Dragohoho as Huòhuò Lóng, from his Japanese name.


Superstar Saga Enemy
DragohohoMLSS HP 80 POW 24 Defense 30 Speed 25 Experience 50
Fire Heal Thunder Normal Jump Normal Hammer Normal Coins 30
Stat Down? 30% Stun? 30% Burn? 30% Hand Normal Item drop Super Mushroom (1-Up Super) – 100%
None – 0%
Level           7 Location(s)           Hoohoo Mountain
Superstar Saga Enemy
Hoho Stone
HohoStoneMLSS HP 4 POW 26 Defense 140 Speed 0 Experience 0
Fire Normal Thunder Normal Jump Normal Hammer Normal Coins 2 (0)
Stat Down? 0% Stun? 0% Burn? 0% Hand Normal Item drop None – 0%
None – 0%
Level           99 Location(s)           Hoohoo Mountain


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