Dr. Snoozemore is a major character that appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. He is the proprietor of Pi'illo Island of the Pi'illo Kingdom and invited Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach to attend the island.


Dr. Snoozemore is an sheep-looking character that wears a white coat and glasses. He also has a mustache. Although he believes the Pi'illo race is ancient, he appears to be one himself.


Dr. Snoozemore is a doctor that studies the ancient race of the Pi'illos and the Zeekeepers. However, he seems to believe that they were all extinct as he was surprised to see Prince Dreambert. Dr. Snoozemore also has a habit to sleep in the middle of his speeches.


Dr. Snoozemore is first seen as a message from Broggy inviting Mario and the rest to Pi'illo Island. The quiz mentioned about the fact that his name is "Dr. Sneezemore". Dr. Snoozemore isn't seen again until after it was revealed that Princess Peach was already captured by Bowser and Antasma and Dr. Snoozemore was at Pi'illo Castle. Mario, Luigi, Prince Dreambert, and Starlow all wanted to know how to break the barrier surrounding Antasma and Bowser's castle. Dr. Snoozemore recommends using the power of the ancient Zeekeeper to break the barrier and can be only contacted in the Dream World. Prince Dreambert remembers seeing the statue when he was younger and leads Mario back into the dream world to find the statue.


  • Dr. Snoozemore appears to have a condition called "hypersomnia" which means that someone sleeps many times in the given day.
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