Dr. Shroobs are yellow Shroobs with swirly glasses that appear in the Vim Factory in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.


During battle, a Dr. Shroob had a variety of attacks. His most basic attack is where he will use his ray gun to shoot at either Mario or Luigi. Unlike their regular Shroob counterpart, Dr. Shroobs can either shoot their ray guns once or twice.

After a Dr. Shroob attacks, he will pull out either a red or gray mushroom. If either one of the bros. attacks a Dr. Shroob while it is holding one of these mushrooms, the mushroom will fall out of his hand. If the Dr. Shroob is not attacked while it is holding the mushroom, he will eat it. Eating the gray mushroom will make the Dr. Shroob tiny, while eating the red mushroom will make the Dr. Shroob big. After eating the mushroom, the Dr. Shroob will charge at either Mario or Luigi.

During the Swiggler boss fight, the mushrooms from the Dr. Shroobs can be placed into the Swiggler's drink, making it either stronger or weaker. The red mushrooms will make it stronger, which will allow the Swiggler to heal 80 HP, while the gray mushrooms will weaken him.


Partners in Time Enemy
Dr. Shroob
ML2 DrShroob.png HP 46 (45) POW 40 Defense 32 (29) Experience 18
Location(s) Vim Factory Speed 23 Coins 10 Item drop None - 0%
None - 0%
Level           8 Battled by           Vim Factory