Dr. Potter is one of the bosses in Luigi's Mansion 3. He is on the seventh floor, which is the Garden Suites. Dr. Potter is the gardener of The Last Resort, he uses his Venus flytrap to attack Luigi. He has 300HP.


Dr. Potter appears to be a green ghost with bushy white eyebrows, eyes and beard. He is wearing a yellow hat with a flower, brown glasses and coat, and bringing a backpack.


Luigi found the eighth floor's elevator button totally unguarded, so he picked up the button. Then, he sees a watering can watering a Venus flytrap, he accidentally threw the button and fed the Venus Flytrap. Dr. Potter now reveals himself, and waters the Venus flytrap more to make it become gigantic and runs away. As Luigi tries to reach the top of the Venus flytrap, Dr. Potter often waters the plant more to grow branches which destroy the path, or he will water some pineapples to make them enormous and squish Luigi. After Luigi reaches the button on top of the giant plant, the button rolls all the way down so Luigi will have to slide down the plant. Dr. Potter then steals the button with his own Venus Flytrap. To beat him, Luigi has to trick the Venus flytrap to do a forward lunge and bite a plant bud. Next, he has to use a buzzsaw to sever the Venus Flytrap’s vine, then you are able to attack Dr. Potter. When Dr. Potter is sucked up, he will swing his arm and throw the button onto a leaf high above, after a few seconds a watering can pops out. Luigi can water a plant and climb it to reach the elevator button.


  • Dr. Potter's Japanese is ニワシー博士, which is pronounced as Niwashī Hakase. Translated as Doctor Niwashī. Niwashī means gardener.




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Catching Dr. Potter - Luigi's Mansion 3 Music Extended

Catching Dr. Potter theme.

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