Dozing Sands a location that appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. It's the fifth explored area followed by Mushrise Park. It's where Mario and Luigi encounter Britta for the first time.


Dozing Sands is mainly a desert area, much like Dry Dry Desert that appears in the other games. There are also many tracks and equipment used by Britta and her crew.


Mario, Luigi, Prince Dreambert, and Starlow all journey to Dozing Sands to get to the Dream Stone before Antasma and Bowser. However, they run into problems as the bossy Britta wants them to do work first. They do so and Mario and these solve the rest of the mysteries of the sand but they run into more problems as a screw-like monster eats a pillow. They eventually force the monster to spit it out but it soon comes back and eats Britta. Mario and Luigi fight and defeats the monster and Britta is spat out. Mario and the rest then decide to head for the Dream Stone but they are too late as Antasma and Bowser already claimed the stone for themselves. After sleeping on the area the stone was, they discover (via the Dream Stones spirit) that it has moved to Mt. Pajamana.

The group soon revisits Dozing Sands to retrieve the second piece of the Ultibed, the Dozing Mattress.