Downtown of Crag is a location in Super Paper Mario. It is located within the Land of the Cragnons and is the main setting for Chapter 5-1.


Chapter 5-1: Downtown of Crag

The heroes land in the Land of the Cragnons where they literally fell in onto two Cragnons dancing. The Cragnons take the heroes to their elder, Marbald, where he doesn't believe they are the ones they were supposed to summon. Suddenly, a Cragnon rushes in saying the Floro Sapiens have kidnapped more Cragnons and Mario and company agree to save them. Upon confronting some Floro Sapiens, one of them even mention the Pure Heart making tracking down the Floro Sapiens more important than ever. The heroes cross over the large plains following the Floro Sapiens and eventually ending up at the Gap of Crag.




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