Double Pounder is a Bowser Jr. mini-game in Mario Party 9.


  • Ground-pound switches of the same color at the same time as your teammate. Ground-pound all of the switches before time runs out to win!
  • The pair must try to simultaneously Ground Pound switches of the same color. In order for that color switch to be activated, the players need to have almost perfect synchronicity.
  • Whenever a switch is activated, lava spouts in the background, then hardens into a metal platform, which makes Bowser Jr. look nervous. If all four sets of switches are activated within 30 seconds, the players win. If the players fail at activating all the switches, Jr. is victorious.
  • If the players are successful, Bowser Jr. will run off into a tunnel, and the players will hop along the platforms, giving chase. If they are unsuccessful then the floor will fill up with lava and knock players away.


Hold the Wii Remote sideways. Press arrow keys to move, 2 to jump, and 2 while jumping to perform a ground pound.