Double Deck is one of the four Battle Stages that appear in Mario Kart 64.

Double Deck has a square platform the players start on. This platform is in the central area. Other than the very beginning, this platform is only accessible via a hole in the top level.



Double Deck.

The Top level of Double Deck is filled with a few large holes. Every hole, excluding the center hole, are in a "L" shape. In each of these four holes, on the leg of the "L" a ramp leading upward can be used. This level has a red color scheme rather than the green used for the rest of the stage. In the center of this level is a square hole, entering this hole makes the player go back to the beginning as this hole is right above.

The Middle level of Double Deck is where the players start out. It is here the ramps leading up and down are. The players can find themselves driving through many winding paths depending on the routes they take in this area. This, unlike the top level, is green. Falling through the holes in the Top Level will cause the player to enter this area.

The Bottom level of Double Deck is darker than the rest as it is under the rest. Players can use these paths under here to accomplish sneak attacks and other unique tactics. Ramps leading down from the middle area can be used to get back into the rest of this level.


  • Some people believe that this stage is bigger than Block Fort, but surprisingly, the two are about the same size.
  • This course actually has three decks. No reason is known for the title, DOUBLE deck.
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