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Donut Secret 2 is the second secret level of Donut Plains in Super Mario World and' Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World.


The level consists Dragon Coins and 300 seconds to complete the level. Unfortunately, the ground is slippery that Mario or Luigi can fall off the pit.

You will encounter a Question Block on the ground, which releases the Coin Struck. A Springboard is encountered with the Rotating Block above it, which contains a Beanstalk. On top, there is a block with the Rainbow Star. Going further, you encounter Spike Tops, Warp Pipes and Munchers in between.

Another Warp Pipe brings Mario or Luigi to the Coin Heaven, consisting of a P-Balloon to get the scattered coins in the air. It has falling platforms and Jumping Piranha Plants. The blue warp pipe is an exit to the cave.

Few Spike Tops and a green Koopa are encountered. The red Paratroopas are encountered near the end of the level.



  • The Icy Areas are rare, like this level is one of the icy levels, Vanilla Dome 3, Valley of Bowser 4 and Awesome.