Donut Plains is the fourth main level of Donut Plains in Super Mario World and the Game Boy Advance version of Super Mario Advance 2. It has an invincible Yellow Koopa when it enters to its shell, which could harm Mario, Luigi and the Yoshis depending on where they are; even introduces the Amazing Flyin' Hammer Brothers.


The player starts the level and has to run to where the pipe is before it goes up, there is also a yellow Koopa Troopa that will try to damage while it chases you in its shell. If you go to the top of the pipe. you can either jump down (avoiding the bottomless pit) and start jumping over the next set of warp pipes (some of them will automatically go up, and some have Piranha Plants in them). If the player jumps up, they will get the first Dragon Coin and needs to move on to the set of warp pipes.

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