Donut Plains 3 is a level in the world Donut Plains in the game, Super Mario World and Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World. It is a speed run level with a time of 300 seconds.


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Dragon Coins

Dragon Coin 1: When jumping on the second rotating platform, the Dragon Coin is sitting on one of the three platforms.

Dragon Coin 2: Hit one of the four blocks at the bottom and climb the vine. Keep running forward until you find it.

Dragon Coin 3: Jump on the wooden platform going infinite, forming an octagon. Hit the switch, and hit the next switch again. Amongst the Fuzzy, there is the Dragon Coin.

Dragon Coin 4: Get on the wooden platform and you will find the Dragon Coin close to the yellow pipe.

Dragon Coin 5: While with the two rotating platforms, jump on the second rotating platform and get the Dragon Coin sitting one of the three platforms.