Donut Plains 1 is the first level of Donut Plains in the game Super Mario World. This level is most notable for featuring the Cape for the first time and the main enemies in this level are Super Koopas. This level's main theme is a grassland.


This level contains numerous of Super Koopas that attempt to fly into the player. There are also Volcano Lotus placed in several spots. This level is also most notable for containing an area that has many coins in midair and requires the player to make good use of the Cape. Donut Plains 1 has become the perfect level for obtaining extra lives in, other than the secret level unlocked through the secret ecxit of the donut plains ghost house . Near the end, there are some Chargin' Chucks that attempt to throw baseballs at the player. Eventually, the player can head through the Goal Gate to complete the level.

Secret Exit

The secret exit for this level is actually find right at the end of the level. However, the player must have first visited the Green Switch Palace first. The player must then run all the way up the green blocks and then grab the Key and take it to the Keyhole. Taking this exit leads to the first secret area in the game Donut Secret 1.

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