Donut Ghost House is the first secret leading ghost house. Its secret leads to a power-upping level called Top Secret Level. It leads to Donut Plains 3. It is also the first level to introduce Boo Buddies.


The Ghost House consists of four rooms. In the first one, the player jumps over a series of pits while avoiding contact with the Boo Crew flying overhead. In the second room, there is a staircase with a door at the top. Entering this door transports the player to the area below the staircase, allowing them to hit a Rotating Block that they could not before. A Switch Block is inside, and hitting this makes a coin arrow appear, which points to another door left of the staircase. This door leads to a small room that is empty except for a single ? Block. Hitting this block releases a Control Coin, and exiting this room returns the player to the foot of the staircase in the second room. The player reaches the final room by entering the door at the top of the staircase while ignoring the entrance to the Control Coin room. It is visually identical to the second room, and the player is placed under the staircase upon entry. Hitting the Rotating Block in this room causes a Vine to grow, allowing the player to climb up to the exit door. Entering the door at the top of the staircase transports the player to the second room (i.e. the room with the Switch Block).


The above-mentioned regular exit, when used, makes a bridge appear that crosses the river in the East, allowing Mario or Luigi to go to Donut Plains 3.

Secret Exit

In the first room, above the Boos, there is a platform that can only be reached by flying up through an opening to its left as Caped Mario (or Caped Luigi), where another Boo Crew is found. Running across it, the player eventually reaches an area with four Rotating Blocks and a door. The blocks contain transparent 1-Up Mushroom, and the door leads to a Giant Gate, which itself provides access to the Top Secret Area.