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Donkey Kong Land III is the third and final title in the Donkey Kong Land series. This game was released for the Game Boy in North America and Europe in 1997 and for the Game Boy Color only in Japan in 2000. This game, once again, stars Dixie and Kiddy.


This game comes after the events of what happened in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!. Here, a competition was to see who could discover the Lost World first. Donkey and Diddy both had to stay behind. Angrily, Dixie decides to join the competition to show that they are, too, able to do tasks like this. Confused, Kiddy just goes along with Dixie to find the Lost World.



Animal Buddies





There are more than thirty Bonus Levels in the game and all have two Bonus Levels which must be completed to unlock Time Attack mode. They all apparently have a related theme to Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!.

Cape Codswallop

Primate Plains

Blackforest Plateau

Great Ape Lakes

Tin Can Valley

Lost World

Differences from the Game Boy and Game Boy Color versions

  • The game has a new feature allowing it to support more colors than just simply grayscale.
  • The game has one letter show up on the screen at a time when a character is talking, unlike the Game Boy version where all show up at the same time.
  • The game's world map lacks animation, meaning that lakes and smoke no longer animate, village houses, Wrinkly Refuge and Sheepy Shop are sets of examples. Also, windmills no longer spin.
  • The game's cartridge is transparent, opposing the fact that the Game Boy version has a yellow banana colored cartridge.
  • Bear no longer has any set of animation and is also stagnant like the world map.
  • There is no longer slowdowns in the game, deleting the fact that lag glitches may result in death.
  • The game is exclusively in the Japanese language.
  • The title screen has its "PRESS START" text remodeled.
  • The most recent time on the Time Attack screen is no longer shown.


Some cheats can be done in this game to cheat in the game. They are as listed:

  • Pressing Down, Down, Up, Left and Right on the D-pad grants Dixie and Kiddy fifty more lives.
  • Pressing Up, Up, Down, Left and Right on the D-pand allows Dixie and Kiddy to play the Card game from the Sheepy Shop. This does not unlock anything though.
  • Pressing Left, Left, Up, Down, Right, Left, Left, Down, Up and Right on the D-pad grants Dixie and Kiddy access everywhere except for the Lost World as collectibles aren't included in this cheat.
  • Pressing either Left, Up, or Down on the D-pad or SELECT allows a different demo of a level play after the title screen's music is done. A fourth press cycles back to the default Jetty Jitters. Also, Dixie and Kiddy eventually lose a life in these demos. The levels being:



  • Despite the game being a part of the Donkey Kong Land series, Donkey does not appear in the game. A similar thing happens in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 where Mario lacks an appearance in the game, despite the title.
  • The game was to have the subtitle "The Race Against Time". This was, however, dropped as Donkey Kong Land 2 lacked a title and Rare possibly wanted it identical to the format of the Donkey Kong Country series.
  • Wrinkly misspells Kremlings as Kremlins in her speech.
  • Music in the game including the songs "Frosty Folics" and "Pokey Pipes" do not appear in the game and are replaced with "Cascade Capers" and "Cavern Caprice" instead.
    • Additionally, the "Rocket Run" theme is programmed into the game, but had been scrapped out of the game. ROM hacking, however, allows access to this song.
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