Donkey Kong (initially called Game Boy Donkey Kong, also called Donkey Kong '94 in development) is a game for the Game Boy, released in 1994. It starts out as a remake of the original 1981 Donkey Kong, including the original stages from the game, and then becoming a full fledged game with 97 stages. When played on the Super Game Boy add on for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, the border around the Game Boy screen resembles the original arcade cabinet. And because the SNES has a more superior sound system, some audio enhancements are made, such as Pauline's screaming voice clip. The game is also drastically colored well. Apart from it's initial Game Boy release in 1994, the game has also been released for the Virtual Console on the Nintendo 3DS.


Donkey Kong has captured Pauline again. Mario, in an effort to save her, constantly fails as Donkey Kong ends up running away with her again. Eventually, he leaves the construction site and wanders out with Pauline elsewhere. Mario doesn't give up and follows his lead.

At the end, after a final battle on top of the final world's Tower, DK is officially defeated and Mario finally reunites with Pauline again. They are later seen in the Mushroom Kingdom, and she gives Mario a Super Mushroom which causes him to grow, when suddenly DK falls on top of Mario. He however is able to lift him up with super strength, and DK starts crying for help. Donkey Kong Jr. (who also helped DK in the game) jumps into the scene, and after that, the four are seen in a photo behind Rocky Valley as the credits roll.


The game begins with the first four stages that are remade versions of the stages from the original arcade game, and are labeled under World 0. Like the original, Mario must climb up the platforms and reach Pauline, while avoiding the barrels thrown by DK and the fireballs coming from the Oil Drums. Mario has several new abilities: he can do a handstand by pressing down and then A, which can protect him from things that fall from above, and a backflip that he can perform by holding left/right on the D-pad, and then pressing A while pressing the opposite direction you're walking. Mario can also dislodge a hammer he's using by pressing B, and it will go flying in the air. Mario can reuse the hammer he was previously using if he quickly jumps on a higher platform and catches it when it falls. This action can make the first stage, 25m, a lot more easier than normally. This version also includes a stage previously cut in the Nintendo Entertainment System port of Donkey Kong. 50m, which is the level with the conveyor belts with bowls of cement in them.
DK Slots

Slot Machine game.

After the stages are finished, the first official world begins. Mario will have to adventure through nine different worlds, and the main goal of each level is to get the key to unlock the goal door and continue on. Each level also has three of Pauline's belongings, a purse, a hat, and a parasol. Mario can collect these bonus items to get a mini game at the end of the level. One of them is a Slot Machine game, and another one is a Wheel of Fortune game. Both can be played to win extra lives.

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