Don't Wake Wiggler is a Free-for-All minigame in Super Mario Party.


The players walk silently into a forest to where a Wiggler is sleeping.


The player can pet the Wiggler and earn a point by moving the Joy-Con from left to right. While the player pets the Wiggler, it get aggitated as it opens one eye or has a pulsing nerve. Unexpectedly, the Wiggler will wake up any time and the player instantly loses all of his/her points.


The mad Wiggler chases after the players except for the winners, who perform their victory animations.


  • Wave Joy-Con – Pet

In-game description

  • "Pet Wiggler without waking it!"
  • "Petting Wiggler earns you points but you'll lose it all if you wake it up!"
  • Tip: "Whoever wakes Wiggler gets 0 points."
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