Super Mario RPG Statistics: Domino
Artwork of Domino.
Location(s) The Factory
Health Points (HP) 900
Attack 65
Defense 140/80
Magic Attack 120
Magic Defense 150
Weaknesses Fire
Dropped Item None
Psychopath Message "MAGIC! DEAL with it!/Sho...Sho...shocked!"
Dropped Coins 0
Experience Points 60

Domino is a boss that appears in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. He is a magic-wielding jester who is a member of the Smithy Gang. He also fights alongside Cloaker and, if not defeated, merges with his snake: Mad Adder.


In battle, Domino specializes in special attacks and is able to use an assortment of them. However, his physical attack and defense are rather low but his magic attack and defense are high. With Cloaker, their weaknesses are canceled out until one of them is defeated. If Domino is defeated first, Cloaker will merge with his snake the Earth Link. However, if Cloaker is defeated first, Domino will merge with his snake Mad Adder.


When going after Domino, his weakness is fire so Mario's Ultra Flame comes in handy for this fight. However, it is recommended to go defeat Cloaker first as the Earth Link as 2500 HP and the Mad Adder only has 1500 HP. Mario and his team must watch out for any poisoning from the Mad Adder's attacks.

Special Attacks


  • Domino, before the battle, said the phrase "It's clobbering time!" This is a reference to The Thing's signature catchphrase of the Marvel series.