Dogadon is a large, dragon-fly creature that is fought twice as a boss in Donkey Kong 64. He is an underling of King K. Rool and is fought at Angry Aztec with Diddy Kong and at Fungi Forest with Chunky Kong.


First Battle

During the first fight with Dogadon, he simply tosses a horde of fireballs at Diddy. Diddy must dodge the fireballs and toss a TNT barrel at Dogadon sending him into the lava. As the battle lets on, Dogadon will throw more fireballs before landing on the platform. After getting hit into the lava three times, Dogadon is defeated and drops his first Boss Key.

Second Battle

After pleading with King K. Rool to give him another chance, Dogadon fights Chunky next. Chunky has a harder time fighting Dogadon as he learns new moves. Dogadon still tosses fireballs but can now breathe a wall of fire that is next to impossible to avoid. After getting hit twice with TNT barrels, Dogadon will stomp the platform causing it to slowly sink into the lava. Chunky must hurry and toss a TNT into Dogadon and, while he is stunned, transform into Hunky Chunky and rapidly punch him. Chunky must keep on punching until Dogadon is send flying backwards. If he fails to do so, Chunky will instantly lose when the platform sinks into the lava. After Dogadon is defeated, Chunky is awarded with the Boss Key.


  • Dogadon is one of two bosses in the game to be fought twice with the other being Army Dillo.