Divide and Conquer is the signature attack for the Crystal King in Paper Mario.

The Crystal King uses this strange and unique attack later on in this battle. Usually, when he is low on health, somewhere in the 20's or even 30's. This attack is used only by the Crystal King in Paper Mario, although Wizzerds in the next game also uses a similar attack. The Cyrstal King makes himself fly up into the air and divides himself into three different kings. Mario must then attack the kings until he finds the real one. When Mario finds this real king by attacking him, the Crystal King goes back onto the ground. This attack is midair, so some attacks won't hit, so using Bombette's Mega Bomb or Scholar 's Star Storm can inflict damage and reveal the true king. During the ending credits, it looks like the king is using this technique, but it is actually Duplighosts in disguise.

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