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"I see all the makings of a star!"
― Morty selects Luigi to be a part of the movie he is making.

Director Morty is a minor character from the Luigi's Mansion franchise. He makes his debut appearance in Luigi's Mansion 3.


Physical description

Morty is a blue ghost. He has dark brown eyebrows. His outfit consists of a blue movie director's uniform.

Personality traits

Morty has a penchant for making films. He feels that his megaphone is very important to him. (It is.) When he sees Luigi, he does not attack him. Rather, he sees potential as a movie star. Luigi, against his will, is then directed to act as a titanic monster fighting Godzilla. Morty even promises one of the hotel's elevator's buttons that he found and is now keeping in his possession. Once Luigi wins, Morty remains true to his word.

Powers and abilities

Being a ghost, Morty can fly. However, he does not seem to be strong, as he had to struggle to get his movie out of the camera.


Morty was a movie director prior to his death. When he died, he decided that he should inhabit his studio, which is in the The Last Resort. Eventually, he and Luigi met up.


Luigi's Mansion 3

Morty first appears bemoaning about how he lost his megaphone. However, Luigi gives the megaphone back, at which point Morty directs him to take part in a movie he is making. Luigi must then defeat Godzilla. Once Godzilla meets his defeat, Morty gives an elevator button he found.


  • Morty is the second ghost to be Luigi's ally. Madame Clairvoya is the first one.



Morty's music

Morty's music.

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