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Dieter, Bowser Jr.'s Journey'

"Your wish is our command Lord Fawful."
Dieter speaks his first words after he is told to take over Bowser's Caste in the opening cutscene.
Not...just...yet... It's time for...Plan X. Best Fitness Friends, it is time. BEGIN TRANSFORMATION!"
Dieter after he was defeated for the third and final time and ordering his sidekicks to merge with him as well as his final words before the trio's collective death.

Dieter is the leader of the Best Fitness Friends, and a major antagonist in Bowser Jr.'s Journey. He is a Ranged-type enemy in battle. His name is a pun on the German name "Dieter" and the term "diet".


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  • Dieter is known for using various German terms, such as saying to Bowser Jr. "Auf wiedersehen" (goodbye in German) before attempting to kill him.


  • "So, you meet the real Leana. She's not so friendly, this one. In fact, you might say... She's not friendly at all!"
  • "I am here to play games with your lives."
  • "Auf wiedersehen!"
  • "Ugghh, there not as weak and pathetic as they look! I suppose it has come to this..."
  • "Best Fitness Friends, it is time. BEGIN TRANSFORMATION!"


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