A Dice Block From Mario Party DS

The Dice Block is an item that appeared in all Mario Party games. By hitting the floating block above you, the player rolls the dice allowing them to move forward anywhere from 1 to 10 spaces (up to 20 if a Mushroom is used, 30 if a Super Mushroom is used and 5 if a Cursed Mushroom/Slowgo Candy is used). Depending on which Mario Party game you're playing, the design changes.

This item not only lets the player move forward, it also allows various other options such as deciding the order of play at the beginning of the game and is sometimes used in some board events.

In Mario Party 8, the Dice Block comes in 4 colors: blue, red, golden yellow and green.

Color & Candy Effect In Mario Party 8

In Mario Party 7, the A button needs to be pressed when using the Dice Block to determine how many spaces you'll move.


The Dice Block would allow any player to go forward the number of spaces rolled.


In every Mario Party except for Mario Party 8 and DS. The Dice Block was activated by pressing 'A'. In Mario Party 8, the Wii Remote needed to be thrust upward. In Mario Party DS, the stylus was used.


The Dice Block can be upgraded to different levels through the use of Candy, Items, Capsules, or Orbs.

With 2 Dice Blocks

With 3 Dice Blocks


Reducing in half

Matching Coin Bonus

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