Dharkon, also known as Darz and the Embodiment of Chaos and Darkness is an antagonist in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's adventure mode. He is Galeem's dark "brother" and rival.


Physical description

Dharkon resembles a jumbled mass of dark purple tendrils. His core is a green eye that has a black slitted pupil.

Powers and abilities

Dharkon can fire dark thorns from his tendrils. Dharkon's tendrils can also impale, dealing massive necrotic damage to their victims.


Dharkon makes his first appearance after Galeem suffers his first defeat in-game. Galeem knows that Dharkon would be too much for him to handle, so the Lord of Light makes his getaway in a condensed fireball-like form.

Dharkon proceeds to create his own twisted cosmos called the Dark Realm, with the gang in pursuit. After the gang frees his puppet fighters and defeats him in a massive battle, Dharkon makes his hasty getaway, with Galeem (who regained some of his power) pursuing the tentacled horror through a dark purple portal.

Dharkon and his brother make their last stand as the fighters approach. Despite their status as deities, the two are defeated (partially due to their undying hatred of each other.)


  • Dharkon slightly resembles the following in his design:
    • His single eye and tentacles make him similar to the Shuma-Gorath from Marvel, though the latter has his tentacles connected to his eye whereas Dharkon has his separated from his eye, yet still under his control.
    • Dharkon's tentacles also bear a slight resemblance to the Rage Blaster.
  • Dharkon is unique for his ability to track your location in-battle.
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