I didn't call for a Jaxi...
The Desert Wanderer is skeptical if you bring over a Jaxi.

The Desert Wanderer is a character appearing in Super Mario Odyssey.


The Desert Wanderer is a traveller. He likes travelling and asks his cabbie to take him places often. The Desert Wanderer is also skeptical if you bring a Jaxi in his direction


The Desert Wanderer lives in the Sand Kingdom, like the other Tostarenans do. He first appears waiting for a taxi, but it is apparently frozen. After Knucklotec is defeated, the taxi is freed, and the Desert Wanderer will start travelling places. His first destination is the Metro Kingdom. Finding the Desert Wanderer there causes him to go to the Cascade Kingdom. After being found in the Cascade Kingdom, the Desert Wanderer is seen in the Luncheon Kingdom (more specifically Peronza Plaza). The Desert Wanderer finally goes to the Moon Kingdom (his final stop), and finding him there sends him home. After being found at his home in Tostarena, the Desert Wanderer admits his love for his home and stops travelling to other places. Every time the Desert Wanderer is found, Mario can gain a Power Moon.

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