Desert Hills is the first track of the Flower Cup in Mario Kart DS.


This track has bad cornering if turned regular, however, if the player powerslides, cornering becomes easier. Desert Hills is after Luigi's Mansion and before Delfino Square. Driving into darker sand either slows players' karts or makes them go out of bounds, having Lakitu drag them out. The Angry Sun can also be seen in this stage sending out Fire Snakes that can spin players around when coming in contact with one. Missions 2-6 and 4-4 also take place in this course and Wario is the playable in both.

Mario Kart Wii

This track also appears in the Mario Kart Wii as the first track in the Retro Leaf Cup. This version has no major differences than Mario Kart DS, except for updated graphics. Pokeys make karts spin when touched rather than flip upwards.


There are actually two shortcuts in this course. One is when the player drives on a first turn where there is a gap between a castle. The player must take out a Mushroom, and boost right through it. Another shortcut is when the player passes a space of Pokeys that are seen between tight turns. If the player has a Mushroom, he/she must boost on the sand. On 50cc or 100cc, the player must boost one Mushroom and hop every time he/she touches the sand.