Defuse or Lose is a 2 vs. 2 mini-game in Mario Party 5.


The game begins when the Bob-omb explodes, which lights the fuse. The characters are surrounded by a group of Bob-ombs and must work together as a team to prevent three fuses from reaching King Bob-omb who is located at the end of the dynamite line. The three fuses run along a path of strings leading to King Bob-omb. The team of characters are able to douse the fuse by Ground Pounding on it. However, a ground pound will only extinguish the flame temporarily. There are intersections where the strings meet, allowing the character to extinguish two fuses at once. As the fuse closes in on King Bob-omb, regular Bob-ombs will start closing in on the character. If the team fails to prevent the fuse from reaching King Bob-omb, a large explosion will occur, sending the team flying off the screen, which will end the mini-game, and the other team will be declared the winner.


  • Control Stick - Move
  • A Button+A Button - Ground Pound