Defend Plus is a badge in the Paper Mario series. Defend Plus gives Mario an extra point in his defense.


Paper Mario

In Paper Mario, this badge is found in Shy Guy's Toy Box. In the box, Mario can find this badge in the pink station area by way of using a jack-in-the-box. In this game, this badge costs Mario six BP to wear.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Defend Plus is found multiple times. One of these badges is found in a secret room, located in Rogueport Sewers, accessible only if Mario can use his boat form. Another Defend Plus badge is given to Mario in the storage room of the shop located in Twilight Town. The storage room is opened via a key found on Twilight Trail. Mario can obtain an infinite number of these badges as well if he steals them with Ms. Mowz as he can find them held by Chain Chomps, Bulky Bob-ombs, and Bob-ulks. In addition, the Defend Plus badge has a lowered BP cost in The Thousand-Year Door. Unlike its Paper Mario predecessor, the badge costs five BP to wear.