Deep Focus is a badge in Paper Mario.


This badge gives Mario extra star points when he uses the Focus attack. This badge, however, does not work for partners who are using the effect of Group Focus. This badge costs only one BP. The badge gives Mario about double the Star Points he would normally obtain while using Focus.

There are three Deep Focus badges in Paper Mario. The first is at Princess Peach's Castle. It is in the room with the large treasure chest. If Princess Peach fails to give it to Mario via that chest, Mario will have to pick it up while he is there during Chapter 8. The second Deep Focus is found in Shy Guy's Toy Box in an invisible Question Block found between two other blocks.

The third and final Deep Focus is found outside Bowser's Castle, near the entrance. After Mario shuts the lava flow down, he can walk on the molten floor. He can also access a secret pass into the lava moat of the castle. Since there is no more lava, Mario can walk all of the way to a mound by the door to the castle. It is here, Mario finds the Deep Focus badge in a Question Block. This particular Deep Focus badge is actually glitched and shows the sprite of a different, more powerful version of the badge which was cut and most likely changed to Deep Focus. This also might support why this badge is found at Bowser's Castle, the last dungeon in the game.

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