Deep Bloober Sea is a board map that appears in Mario Party 3.


Deep Bloober Sea takes place in an underwater-type environment. The board is filled with many different life forms including Cheep-Cheeps, Bloopers, and Sushi the shark. These common underwater sea creatures can be found scattered around the board doing all kinds of different events. There are also different natural formations like volcanoes and sunken submarines on the board map. This board map has the same objective as other Mario Party 3 board maps follow: collect as many stars as possible in the turns allotted. The one main feature on this board is Sushi at the intersection on the left hand side of the board. When a player approaches Sushi, he will give them the option of selecting four buttons. Pressing one button will not affect anything, but pressing the wrong button will result in the player choosing a different space. The happening spaces scattered around the board also impact the player's position on the board.

Notable Characters and Events

  • Sushi the Shark - Sushi can be found at the intersection on the far left hand side of the board. When a player passes through the intersection, Sushi will present them with four different buttons. The player must press one of the buttons after they chose their path. Three of the buttons will contain nothing, while one button will shoot a torpedo at the player. If a player is hit by a torpedo, then they are required to take the opposite path. Once a player presses the torpedo button, then all four buttons will be reset.

? Spaces

  • Mother Blooper - In the center of the board, a bunch of happening spaces can be found near a blooper. When a player lands on one of those happening spaces, then a baby Blooper will start crying. As a result, the mother Blooper will move the player to the opposite path.
  • Angler Fish - At the top of the board, there is a giant pink angler fish in front of four happening spaces. When a player lands on the happening space, the angler fish will point the arrow on its head into one direction. The fish will then start to consumer air, dragging the players near the happening spaces into its mouth. The characters must keep pressing the A button to escape from the angler fish's mouth. If they are sucked into the fish's mouth, then they will be spit into the direction the arrow is pointing at one it's head.