Deck Dry Bones is a ​Mid-boss Battle ​mini-game in Mario Party 9. In Solo mode, he appears in Boo's Horror Castle as a boss.


This is a matching game. To play the game, look at the cards by memory; then when the cards are turned, Dry Bones lands on a shape. Choose a card with the same shape, if it's the wrong card, then it'll earn you nothing. Using the Dry Bones card can cause you to lose 1 point, which he'll throw a bone at your character.


​With his rage, he makes things complicated by us looking at the cards and then when cards are turned around, he runs over 1 row of a card and then they'll be swapped.


Hold the Wii Remote vertically.

  • Use your Wii Remote​ to point at the censor.
  • Use the Wiimote A to select a card.
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