Decalburg is the main hubworld in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.

Decalburg is very similar in appearance to Toad Town from Paper Mario. It contains a Sticker Shop where Mario can buy Stickers from anytime during the game.


Mario is celebrating the Sticker Fest with many toads and Princess Peach. After failing to stop Bowser from touching (thus destroying) the Sticker Comet, Bowser attacks Mario and he falls unconcious. Mario later un-crumples himself up in the ruins of the Sticker Fest. Mario hears someone calling for him and proceeds to find a crown-like sticker on a sign. Mario peels it off the sign and the crown introduces herself as Kersti. After blaming Mario for what happened, Kersti explains that Mario must retrieve the six Royal Stickers forcing him to go on a quest. After helping the many Toads in Decalburg and peeling off Stickers (which is Mario's main means of attacking), Mario and Kersti head off to the first level of World 1: Warm Fuzzy Plains.


  • Baahammer
  • Hammer
  • Jump (x3)
  • Hopslipper
  • Shiny Jump
  • Worn-Out Hammer (x2)
  • Worn-Out Jump


  • Town Center
  • Plaza
  • Sticker Shop
  • Fling-a-Thing
  • Sticker Museum
  • Thing Shop


As a hubworld, Decalburg connects to other levels and worlds:


  • Every time Mario gains a Royal Sticker, the Sticker Fest site will become more repaired and some stickers will become avaliable