Day at the Races is a battle mini-game that appears in Mario Party 2.


The characters will be able to participate in a race that involves characters from the Mario series. The characters will be able to choose between Whomp, Boo, Bob-omb, or Thwomp. The order that the characters pick their racers is determined by their ranking on the board map. The character that is in last place will be able to pick their racer first, and the character that is in first place will have the last remaining racer. The performance of each character in the race varies everytime. While the characters are picking a racer, they can determine if the racer is willing to compete, which gives them a higher chance of winning. However, this does not work all the times. The racer that cross the finish line first wins the mini-game for the character.


  • Bob-omb - Bob-omb will run along the path with a lit fuse. However, it has a chance to fall on its head while it is running
  • Boo - Boo will travel along the path by vanishing and appear again. Boo has a chance to falter while he is racing, which causes him to stumble on its face.
  • Thwomp - Thwomp will race along the path by raising its body and force itself forward by pounding on the ground. Thwomp has a possibility to fall flat on its face while racing.
  • Whomp - Whomp will race along the track by jogging in full force. Whomp has the possibility to trip and fall on its face, which requires itself to take time to get back up.


  • Control Stick - Move
  • A Button - Select choice