The Darker Side (月の国 もっと裏 lit. Moon Country: Farther Side?), also known as the Ever More Remote Region, is a secret kingdom located on the Moon in Super Mario Odyssey. The kingdom is unlocked once the main game is completed and 500 Power Moons are collected. The capital of the kingdom is known as Culmina Crater. The Darker Side is the final round and one of the hardest things in Super Mario Odyssey. Not to be confused with the level before, The Dark Side.

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One Serious Crater

This giant crater was formed by a huge meteor collision long ago. The impact destroyed the civilization that flourished on the moon, which is how Culmina Crater came to be. The crater itself is so massive, you cannot see the bottom.

Seeing the Bright Side

From here you can observer galaxies shining in ways you never could see from home. Culmina Crater features vistas entirely unique from those you can find on the Dark Side of the Moon and Honeylune Ridge. If you're feeling down or disheartened, just take a look up at the Milky Way from here. You can see each star twinkle as the nestle close to one another. It will all be OK—you are not alone.

Moon Mysteries

When you look up inside the caverns, you may see deposits that look like the cubic Moon Rocks. Were the rocks that fell planetside originally formed here?

A Bewildering Building

This colossal building stands in Culmina Crater. If you look closely, it seems to resemble the city hall in New Donk City. Some think it's based on New Donk City Hall. According to researchers, it might be one of the remnants of the civilization that once flourished on the moon. But with little evidence, this theory lacks credibility.

A Lone Pipe in A Crater

This is the only pipe that connects to the lunar interior. If you find it, we don't recommend jumping right in. What awaits is a trial so harsh, it lives up to the name Culmina Crater.

Of course, if you have the confidence of a traveler who has done everything else this world has to offer, give it a shot! Overcome this, and adventurers the world over will sing your praises.

Inside the Moon

A lava zone spreads throughout this giant cavern. What waits ahead? How far does it go? These answers await those brave enough to enter this unknown, unexplored world.


There is only one painting in this kingdom. It is located at the end of the main challenge and it allows Mario to capture Bowser again, taking him to a special course that, upon its completion, will take Mario to the Spark pylons that spells "Thank You", and finally, to the Multi Moon.

Power Moons

Main article: Culmina Crater
There is only one Power Moon on the Darker Side, which is a Multi Moon.