The Dark Side (月の国 裏 , lit. Moon Country: Far Side?) is a secret kingdom located on the Moon in Super Mario Odyssey. The kingdom is unlocked once the main game is completed and 250 Power Moons are collected. An area of the kingdom known as Rabbit Ridge is ruled by Madame Broode and is the home of the Broodals.

Brochure details

A Tasty-Looking Tower

This ostentatious stone tower was carved at the direction of the vegetable-loving Madame Broode, who lords over Rabbit Ridge.

Her underlings, the Broodals, live within and always have a warm "welcome" for visitors.

Topper, Client Relations

The Client Relations.

Responsible for client relations on behalf of the Broodals' wedding-planning firm, Topper is usually found on-site, troubleshooting.

You can tell how serious he is about a battle by the number of hats he has stacked on his head: he doesn't tap into his full hat reserves except for the most dangerous opponents. So if you square off with him and he seems to be mostly hat, you should feel honored...and afraid.

Rango, the Bouncer

The Bouncer.

He's not the most focused, but Rango is a valuable player on the Broodals team, always coming through in the end. A master of his boomeranging trampoline hat, he can throw it both straight and curved with almost unnatural control over the way it flies. On the other hand, he sometimes zones out a bit and looks confused. That's your chance to counterattack!

Hariet, Pyrotechnics

The Pyrotechnics.

The least predictable of the Broodals, Hariet is most often found throwing bombs with her hair. When her homemade bombs explode, they leave a pool of fire on the ground, so try knocking them away before they explode. While it may seem reckless to have filled her hat with bombs, Hariet is devious and keeps a lot of spare explosives with her, so watch out!

Spewart, the Entertainer

The Entertainer

Spinning around while spitting poison in a wide area, Spewart is the least subtle of the Broodals. But he also has an unexpectedly artistic side, as his poisonous ground-paintings show.

One Last Door

For those travelers who survive the "hospitality" of the Broodals, a new challenge may await...

Three Keys to the Kingdom

  1. Watch out for the moon's light gravity; you can still die falling off a cliff.
  2. Investigate behind all those stone-carved vegetables.
  3. Greet all FOUR of the keys to this kingdom. You know who they are.

Power Moons

Main article: Dark Side

There are a total of 26 Power Moons (23 regular Power Moons and 1 Multi Moon) on the Dark Side. When the player first visits this kingdom, they can only collect 2 Power Moons, including the Multi Moon that is collected from defeating the Broodals for the last time. After they defeat them, 12 more Power Moons which are more difficult versions of previous challenges found throughout the other kingdoms will be unlocked as well as 10 pieces of Hint Art. There are no Moon Rocks to break for Power Moons in this kingdom.