Dark Prognosticus
The Dark Prognosticus is a book that appears in Super Paper Mario. It is mentioned that the one who possesses the book will never find true happiness. For the majority of the game it is in the possession of Count Bleck. The book is said to detail the destruction of the universe stemming from the creation of the Chaos Heart, when an evil king and a princess would marry.

When the Tribe of Ancients discovered what tragedies the events laid out in the Dark Prognosticus would bring, they (specifically Merloo and Merlumina) wrote the Light Prognosticus to counter-act the events of the book, and to show the heroes of light destined to stop the Chaos Heart and The Void what to do to make sure the Dark Prognosticus' events never came true. Count Bleck used the book's information to find out how to use The Void to destroy the universe, capturing Princess Peach and Bowser to marry them, therefore creating the Chaos Heart.

Unlike the Light Prognosticus, the Dark Prognosticus is a prophecy deemed to come true one day (as it almost did in the events of the game). It is also unknown who authored the Dark Prognosticus, or how Count Bleck came into its possession.


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