Dark Pit is a playable character in the Super Smash Bros. series. He is from the Kid Icarus series who debuted in Kid Icarus Uprising.


Dark Pit is a clone of Pit made by the Mirror of Truth. However, Pit broke the mirror before the cloning process was complete. Dark Pit becomes a neutral character, refusing to side with any of the gods. He serves as a rival to Pit and dons a portrayal of an antihero-like personality. His ability to fly comes from Pandora's powers, which he stole after he and Pit defeated her, allowing him to fly permanently under his own power, unlike Pit. However it's subsequently lost after Pandora's resurrection requiring him to rely on the Power of Flight granted by Palutena or Viridi.

As Dark Pit is the physical manifestation of Pit's dark side, Dark Pit is said to represent the repressed feelings that Pit keeps to himself. Dark Pit is significantly more serious than his jovial counterpart, often having a more dry sense of humor. Dark Pit is more arrogant and cocky, claiming to be the original Pit. Dark Pit is also more aggressive and pragmatic than Pit, often striking opponents when their guard is down. Dark Pit proves to be sharper than Pit, possessing more common sense. This is shown when he deduces that it would take more than one soul to create an Underworld monster.

Although initially antagonistic towards Pit, Dark Pit's personality begins to progressively change. Once he realizes that if Pit dies, he would die as well, he becomes Pit's closest ally, fighting side by side to aid him in rescuing Palutena's soul. And when Pit sacrifices himself to save Dark Pit, he is determined to save Pit at all costs (mostly to save himself). As revealed in Super Smash Bros. 4, Viridi mentions that Dark Pit is working for her.

Super Smash Bros. series

Dark Pit briefly appeared at the end of Palutena's reveal trailer in Smash 4 and in the background of her promotional poster, and was later revealed as a playable character. He functions mostly as a clone of Pit, down to the very meaning of the word: his entire moveset and even his attributes (such as air speed and dash speed) are completely the same as Pit's, with the only differences between them being two of his specials, Silver Bow and Electroshock Arm, his forward tilt inflicting less knockback than Pit's, his neutral infinite's finisher having a smaller hitbox, and his Final Smash, Dark Pit Staff.

In addition, Dark Pit was originally planned to be an alternate costume of Pit, but became a separate character due to a designer having already modeled the Electroshock Arm, as well as Masahiro Sakurai wanting Dark Pit to have his own Final Smash, the Dark Pit Staff.

Dark Pit returns in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate once again as an unlockable character. He is still a clone of Pit, but is now rebranded as an Echo Fighter.


  • Dark Pit is the first moveset clone in Super Smash Bros. to also be a true clone of the character he shares moves within his source game, the second being Dark Samus.
  • Dark Pit is the fourth playable anti-hero in the series after Meta Knight, Wario and King Dedede.

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