Dark Bristles are enemies in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.



This is one of the most feared enemies in the game. This powerhouse has only eight hit points, but its high defense makes it a very tough enemy. Dark Bristles are only found in the second to last section of the Pit of 100 Trials. These enemies are also much more deadlier than their original counterparts, dealing more than triple the damage and usually coming in pairs. An easy way to defeat them is to use earth-quaking items. Occasionally, they'll have healing items on them, making their defeat even more difficult. Direct attacks are impossible without Spike Shield, a fact that will easily be forgotten in the time since the player will have last faced Bristle enemies.


The best way to deal with this enemy is to either use the Quake Hammer or Earth Tremor. Spike Shield is imperative and can make dealing with them much easier.

Battle Statistics

Dark Bristle's Stats (Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door)
Max HP 8
Attack 8
Defense 4
  • Ram.