Dark Bones is a form of Dry Bones, and it has been found as the most powerful subspecies of Dry Bones.


Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, they can be found in the Palace of Shadow twice, but those are the only two times Mario will encounter one. The first time is a similar appearance to the first Red Bones from Hooktail Castle. Dry Bones will fall from the ceiling and begin flooding the room, and afterward Mario and his partners make their way to this enemy at the end of the corridor. The other battle with these enemies occur in the tower within the Palace of Shadow that's filled with riddles. The tower contains all four types of Dry Bones and Mario must defeat them in a specific order to solve the riddle.

Battle Statistics

Dark Bones' Stats (Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door)
Max HP 20
Attack 5
Defense 2
  • Throws a bone.
  • Throws 3 bones. (3 damage each)
  • Builds a fellow Dry Bones

Mario Super Sluggers

Dark Bones makes a reappearance in Mario Super Sluggers as a playable character. In this game, they have an entirely new appearance with much darker grey scales and bright red eyes. As a character, he has no special Star Pitch or Star hit though. It is simple to get a Home Run with Dark Bones as well. Dark Bones is also one of the strongest characters on the game, but sadly isn't that fast. To unlock him, you must beat Bowser after you unlock all the standard characters, then beat Bowser once and for all. Except in Exhibition where he is unlocked automatically.