Daisy Hills (デイジーヒルズ Deijī Hiruzu) is the second course in Mushroom Cup in Mario Kart 7. The track is owned by Princess Daisy, hence the name. The course is surrounded with hills, mountains and fields of flowers. The course is rather similar to Bianco Hills from Super Mario Sunshine.

In this course, many wooden bridges appear as the track increases elevation. At the highest area, the player approaches a turn which takes players to two roads. One simply goes down the hill, while the other one takes the player to a ramp. Either way, the driver can glide over the lake. Hot air balloons can get in the way when gliding and can slow down the driver. Goats can be found walking on a road in between two bridges.

Shortcuts can be taken in this course. One of them requires a Mushroom when driving through a field of grass. This will cut some of the time off of the lap. The other shortcut appears on the rooftop of some buildings, which can only be driven on if the player glides to the rooftop correctly, without hitting anything in the air (hitting objects in the air will slow down and decrease the elevation of the driver in the air).



  • Based on the zodiac sign, Capricorn, a mountain goat has the similar symbol of it.
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