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Daisy Cruiser (デイジークルーザー Daisy Cruiser?) is a track on a cruiser ship in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. It has a pool close to the beginning, and a little farther into the track there are tables sliding up and down, and they can block the player if he or she hits them. There is also a shortcut. If the player drops into a hole and drives into the orange pipe with a fan, he or she may be a little ahead (considering this pipe is a boost). This course is similar to Peach Beach, having the same music and theme. This is the third track of Flower Cup.

This track appears in Mario Kart 7 as a retro course. It is the third course in Leaf Cup. Players can now access the left side of the beginning of the course. The player can also drive in the pool at the start of the course. The hanging buoys near the end of the track are removed, and instead of Piantas, there are Miis spectating the race. Also, the shortcut was replaced with just a boost (rather than the orange pipe with fan), which accesses the player's Glider attached to the kart (a new feature in Mario Kart 7).


The Daisy Cruiser can be seen in the background in:

Staff Ghost

Daisy Cruiser
Unlock Time 01:55.000
Time 01:52.207
Characters MKDD Daisy icon.png MKDD Peach icon.png
Princess Daisy & Princess Peach
Vehicle HeartCoachIcon-MKDD.png
Heart Coach


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