Daisy Circuit is a course in Mario Kart Wii on the Star Cup. Hence the name, Daisy owns this course.


The lighthouse on Daisy Circuit.

There are two circle turns that meet together into one track. The first of these circled pathways, there is a statue of Luigi and Daisy, arm in arm, walking together. There is also a statue of Baby Luigi and Baby Daisy playing with each other in the her. Later in this course there is a tunnel. After exiting the tunnel, racers pace a lighthouse and maneuver a U-turn before returning to the starting line. The course is raced at the time of sundown, because the sky is a little pink and mostly orange. In the background on a part of the track is the Daisy Cruiser. This is the first course in Star Cup.


There is a shortcut near the beginning of the track, where racers can travel up a set of stairs (which slows them down) with a Boost Pad and a place to trick at the end.

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Cultural Impacts

After hearing Daisy call Luigi "sweetie" inMario Power Tennis, this course proves their connection even more, improving people's theories about Daisy and Luigi's relationship. This level immensely shocked Mario gamers. A majority think Daisy and Luigi actually do date, though that's highly classified information. Nintendo has a hard time showing relationships and affection, as they tend to be as kid friendly as possible.