Daft Rafts is a mini-game that appears in Mario Party 6.


Daft Rafts takes place near a waterfall in the jungles. The characters will be on various rafts that are near the waterfalls. The objective of the mini-game is for the player to reach motor boat driven by Koopa while trying to avoid falling of the waterfall. In order to progress towards Koopa, the characters must jump on different rafts that lead to him. The rafts appear in different sizes and different lengths. If they jump off the raft and into the water, they will fall down the waterfall and be eliminated from the mini-game. There are also various Mario enemies that appear on the raft. During the daytime, Spinies will appear on random rafts. During the night, Podoboos appear on random rafts. If a character touches on of these enemies, they will be eliminated from the mini-game also. Whoever reaches Koopa at the end will win. Last man standing does not apply for this mini-game.

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