DK Mountain is the fourth and final track appearing in the Star Cup of Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. It also is the third track of the Lightning Cup in Mario Kart Wii.


All players start the race in the jungle. As they start the race, the players go to the base of an inactive volcano and take a curved path surrounded by the crater of this volcano. Racers are soon fired at 195mph / 314km/h (GCN version) by the DK Cannon, onto an active volcano. While airborne, racers are invulnerable to items. After landing near the top of the mountain, drivers now have to drive downhill on bumpy terrain.

Almost at the base of the active volcano, racers happen on a road prone to falling boulders. Reentering the jungle, players take a zigzagging path where more boulders roll down hills. During the first turn, racers should avoid falling off the cliff while swerving around. A second turn surrounds a deep ravine where players may fall. Lastly, the third tight turn leads racers to a swaying, windy rope bridge high above a deep canyon. This leads racers to the finish line.

DK Mountain is in the background of Baby Park and Dino Dino Jungle.

In the overview image of the course, the wooden bridge is missing. This is likely due to the fact that it is its own object and not part of the level geometry, allowing it to be capable of swaying, and therefore would not have been loaded in-game when the screenshot was taken.


At the very start there is a small patch of mud next to the first set of Item Boxes. This can be cut across with a Mushroom, Mega Mushroom or Star.

During the descent of the zigzagging portion, just after the first tight curve, players can instantly jump across the ravine to reach the other end of the second turn. This saves them a few seconds in the race.

DK Mountain reappears in Mario Kart Wii as the third course of the Lightning Cup. Some elements were added, such as ramps and mud to replace deep grass. Also, the sign that says "Donkey Cannon" in Double Dash!! now says "DK Cannon", in common with DK Summit. Like on the other three courses in the game with Barrel Cannons (DK Summit, Maple Treeway, and Rainbow Road), the straight line declaring players being fired out of the cannon was removed. The straightaway down from the top of the mountain now has wooden ramps for the purpose of aerial tricks. Racers can also either stay on track or go off-road without losing speed, granting an advantage to avoid other racers and hazards set in the slope.

In the switchbacks with the falling boulders, only giant boulders flip racers, whereas the smaller ones disintegrate and slightly decelerate the kart. Half-pipes have also been added on the first switchback.


Both the mud and ravine shortcuts return in this rendition of the track.

An extremely difficult glitch shortcut can be pulled off by using a Mushroom and aiming between the blue zipper and the fence near the end of the rock section of the mountain. If done correctly the player can glitch through the wall and end up just before the ravine shortcut.

Differences between Double Dash!! and Mario Kart Wii

Quite a few differences have been put in Mario Kart Wii and are not in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. They are:

  • "Donkey Cannon" is renamed to "DK Cannon" in the game.
  • On the course's map, the straight line has been deleted that indicates players being shot out of it, leaving a blank space in the map.
  • Halfpipe ramps have been placed on the first set of switchbacks.
  • Stunt ramps have been placed on the hills heading downhill from the summit.


  • At the start, go past the mud using your mushroom.
  • Go to the left when close to the edge of the cliff.
  • The hard trick is go between the halfpipe ramp and the metal fence to go across.



  • Unlike most courses, the grass on this track does not slow players down.
  • It's music is reused in Dino Dino Jungle, a paired level to DK Mountain.
  • The wooden bridge is missing in a picture of DK Mountain in the original website for Mario Kart: Double Dash!!.